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Kyoto University Open Access Book Content

All books and chapters are available to read under the CC-BY-NC-ND license

We are proud to work with Kyoto University on signing an Open Access deal. Open access means rapid publication, with increased visibility and discoverability. This research is available to anyone to read for free, around the world.  All titles have been written by researchers from Kyoto University and include titles in Behavioural Sciences, Humanities & Media Arts and the Social Sciences. 
They are available to read under the CC-BY-NC-ND licence. 

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Behavioural Science & Education

Deeper Learning
Analytical Psychology in a Changing World: The search for self, identity and community
Read Chapter 2: Big Stories and Small Stories in the Psychological Relief Work after the Earthquake Disaster: Life and Deathby Toshio Kawai
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Japan
Read Chapter 2: Historical Overview of Curriculum Development: National Control over Curriculum vs. School-Based Curriculum Development by Kanae NishiokaRead Chapter 5: Historical Overview of Lesson Study by Terumasa Ishii
Deeper Learning, Dialogic Learning, and Critical Thinking

Read full title

by Emmanuel Manalo

Team Teaching and Team Learning

Team Teaching and Team Learning in the Language Classroom

Read full time

by Akira Tajino, Tim Stewart, David Dalsky

Humanities & Media Arts 

Nothingness in Asian Philosophy

Chapter 20: Nishitani on Emptiness and Nothingness

by Yasuo Deguchi

Social Sciences

The Global Politics of Jazz in the Twentieth Century

Read the Introduction

by Yoshiomi Saito

Britain’s Retreat from Empire in East Asia, 1905-1980

Read Chapter 3: Japan’s Twenty-One Demands and Anglo-Japanese relations: diplomatic negotiations and newspaper reports

by T. G. Fraser. 

The Organization of Craft Work

Read Chapter 1: Craft, Design and Nostalgia in Modern Japan: The Case of Sushi

by Robin Holt and Yutaka Yamauchi

Advances in Biolinguistics

Read the Introduction: The Biolinguistic Program: A New Beginning

by Koji Fujita and Cedric Boeckx

Industries and Global Competition

Read the Introduction Industry History: Its Concepts and Methods

by Takafumi Kurosawa


Local Politics and National Policy

Read Chapter 1: Theories of local power and multi-level conflict

by Ken Victor Leonard Hijino

Film in Contemporary Southeast Asia

Read Chapter 7: ‘Our People’: Telemovies, Bangsa and Nationalism 3.0 in Sabah, Malaysia

by Hiroyuki Yamamot

Sinicization and the Rise of China

Read Chaptet 7: Becoming “Chinese” in Southeast Asia

by Caroline S. Hau

Broadband Economics

Read Chapter 5: Fixed-line Broadband

by Takanori Ida

Asian Expansions Northeast India Routledge Handbook HR in Asia
Asian Expansions

Read Chapter 8: Siamese State Expansion in the Thonburi and Early Bangkok Periods,

by Koizumi Junko

Northeast India

Read 31: Re-imagining the North East in India, Again: Did Geography Sidestep History in Vision

by Rohan D’Souza

Routledge Handbook of Human Resource Management in Asia

Read Chapter 15: Human Resource Management in Japan and South Korea

bFabian Froese Jintae, Tomoki Sekiguchi, Mohan Pyari Maharjan

Geographical Indication

Modernity and Spirit Worship in India : An Anthropology of the Umwelt, 1st Edition

Read full title

by Miho Ishii

Mental Health and Social Withdrawal in Contemporary Japan

Read full title

by Nicolas Tajan

Geographical Indication and Global Agri-Food  

Read full title

by Alessandro Bonanno, Kae Sekine, Hart N. Feuer

Dynamics of conflict and peace

The Dynamics of Conflict and Peace in Contemporary South Asia

Read the full title

by Minoru Mio, Kazuya Nakamizo, Tatsuro Fujikura

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